6 week strong challenge


Welcome to the 6 Week Strong Challenge – your path to a healthier, happier, and more sustainable lifestyle! We understand that lasting change requires building strong foundations rather than chasing quick fixes. That’s why our 6-week challenge is designed to help you cultivate healthy habits that will stand the test of time.


change the way you eat

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This challenge encourages participants to shift their focus from temporary dieting to making sustainable changes in their eating habits.

change the way you train

A core pillar of the 6-Week Strong Challenge, aimed at revolutionising your fitness routine. This component is designed to encourage participants to adopt a more effective, enjoyable, and sustainable approach to exercise.

change the way you live

Focusing on transforming your daily lifestyle for long-lasting results. This component is dedicated to enhancing your overall well-being by promoting healthy habits beyond just diet and exercise


All for €250


Daily Meal Plan.
• Daily Workouts.
• Weekly Shopping List.
• Access to 3 sessions per week at Warehouse gym.

• Unlimited access to Online Classes.

Unlimited access to Leanne and her team via a Whatsapp group, to get your questions answered, find your motivation, and exchange tips and ideas.
• Daily coaching newsletter, including daily affirmations, workouts to choose from
A free lifetime subscription to #TeamLeanne to receive monthly goodies and discounts from top local brands.


You can opt to do this challenge virtually at the price of 100 euros only! (there’s another pass available for this option)

The challenge helped me to get fitter and feel more confident and comfortable with my body. It kept me motivated and helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Francesca Buhagiar

The daily tips really helped to look forward to my daily focus and realised that I was not the only one who found certain difficulties to maintain daily training and eating habits.

Jackie Magro Zammit

These 6 weeks have been a tough but amazing experience. Thank you Leanne for encouraging me throughout. Finally I can look in the mirror and feel great! Will definitely keep this going.

Leanne Barry

I was blown away by the team spirit. The help & strong messages sent by all were more than what I expected to get from the Challenge and helped me more than I would even thought possible.

Lyndsey Vella

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